Thursday, March 22, 2012

Again, Handsome Steve comes to my Rescue!!

Again, Handsome Steve comes to my Rescue!!(a nickname we gave him because he says he is Handsome in the Kitchen. He is a Big Cockney Bloke from the UK).
After walking the Pups 2day (I have a side job as a Dog Walker Monday - Friday), I had my Roller Bag & went Grocery Shopping - I bought $75 worth of Groceries (that is After Coupons & Club Card), I Crammed all my groceries in to my Roller Bag & started the Mile walk home. As I was walking, a Truck came by, I ignored it as I always do when cars drive slow by me (Hey, I`m a Small Girl, I walk a lot and I grew up in a Bad Part, like there is a Good Part of Pomona California, I learned fast how to be safe) - Well that Truck was Handsome Steve. He yelled out, 'Hey Stacy, get in!' I looked up, embarrassed that I ignored him, he grabbed my grocery cart, put it in his truck and drove me Home. He said he saw me walking down the street and turned around just to go get me. What a Great guy he is, Truly a Gentle Giant.

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