Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Avenger Roy getting Scolded by Hunter!

Sunday May 6th, my hubby Roy & I went to the Playboy Mansion to spend the day, have dinner and watch the New Movie - The Avengers. Roy is a BIG Fan of that movie. In fact Roy was sooooo excited, that he was super loud during the movie, so loud that Fred Dryer (Big and Tall actor, from the TV Show Hunter & Ex Football Player) came up to Roy during the movie and told him 'if you don`t shut up, I will make you shut up!' *Gulp* Roy at first chuckled, thinking he was kidding, Fred abruptly scolded back at Roy 'You think I am kidding, but I am not, now be quiet!' and walked back to his seat. Roy looked like a little kid that got into trouble. I wish I could tell you that Roy was well behaved after that, but I can`t.
 a BIG Thank you goes out to Kym & Betty for giving us a Ride, you Rock, we Love you!!!
oxox, Stacy

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