Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nasty Cold, Bad Allergy Attack & Food Poisoning All in ONE Week!

#‎CantCatchABreakWeek‬ continues. 1st l get nasty cold, 2nd bad allergy attack -then last night the worst stomach cramps, charlie horses ever only to spend the night on bathroom floor curled up in pain, while violently & exposively spilling out my guts!! l must have been something l ate - it lasted most of the night - soooo much came out of my body, which is weird, cause l have not been eating that much due to being sick. l only drank tea! l am wiped out!! Thank you Keri & Dan  for dropping off the Pedialyte to me last night - l sooo needed it this morning!!! -- Now, Starting to feel better, just weak and scared to eat ANYTHING! It seems like l get food poisoning 2xs a year now, WTF?

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