Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Even the Nicest Person can Snap if Pushed Far Enough

Even though I hate Dorner for killing innocent people and doing this all the wrong way -and he probably got what he deserved (if what we hear is True) - I do believe Dorner has a point - I hope this blows the lid or at least suspicion on the Corruption inside the LAPD - But knowing how much they hid the media, etc - the way the showdown went down - who knows - you can only push people so far before they snap - just saying.
 - his actions are un-justified and in-excusable - he is a murderer - but what led him to this deserves to be investigated and not to be investigated by the accused - there is a TON of corruption inside the LAPD that is waaaaaay over due to be exposed. He went about it the wrong way, the minute you stoop to your enemies tactics, you lose all creditably and you lose your argument. I think there is waay more to this story then we will ever know.

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