Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I want to teach my Friend to Read

Just found out a friend of ours does not know how to read - he is mentally challenged and over 50yrs old - I am looking for 'learn to read' books for him - but don`t know which might be best - I don`t want something to complicated but I am afraid if it is to child like, he might be to embarrassed to be caught looking at.
  I dunno if he wants to learn....but I know he wants to get out of the house and if he could read bus signs....he can get around better....and if he learns to read....he will be less likely to be taken advantage of......you see, he has family members that handle his money and I am afraid he gets cheated....however....these are my fears......I think learning to read....even a little bit....just to get by would benefit him.

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