Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Sun almost Spoiled Baby Lemonade

Me and Baby Lemonade (my car) saw our lives flash before our Eyes/Headlights just now - I was making a LEGAL U-turn on MY Green Arrow Light - when mid-way thru intersection - I noticed 'hey that on-coming car doesn`t look like they are stopping on their Red Light'......do I step on gas or brake hard - I broke Hard - they saw me at an inch away, swerved just close enough to blow my Car`s Eyelashes - they never slowed down - it scared the Crap out of me and I am sure they were scared as well - the strong bright sunset sun was in their eyes - so they probably never knew they ran the red light - I am just glad that we didn`t crash - Baby Lemonade is 'Rode Hard & Put away Wet' only to live another day....Fabulously!!

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