Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My 2013 Yellow Chevy Spark Quest

over 2weeks ago, I called all the Chevy Dealers and tried to order a 2013 Yellow Chevy Spark Automatic LT1 - Only one guy from the OC Branch got back to me - he told me he was ordering it and it should be here in 2weeks - last week I called him to check up on it and he said 'no worries, that he will call me back in a day or so' - so far no call - I`m getting impatient - I want my car!! I am also worried, I don`t wanna get ripped off - the Sticker price is around $15 grand - I am paying cash - is it possible to get the price down? How much do you think the total payment will be including taxes, lic, insurance....etc to drive it off lot?

 they cannot find any yellow any where - seems they are a little late having yellow being made - finally my dealer called GM directly - they can order it....but it wont be here for 4-6 weeks and they want me to put a $5000- deposit to hold it.
- just to double check- l called and went online -no yellow to be found - but they are ordering me one - l will do what you guys say once the car comes in - thank you all for your help.....l need it.....l don`t want to get ripped off - l cannot do the payment thing, because of my bad credit and once they learn that, then l am a can to be kicked - l want to pay cash - but l do not want to pay the full sticker price and l do not want any hidden fees.
 However, I think I just forfeited by haggling rights by ordering it & putting a deposit on it, huh?

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