Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Smell of Money brings Concern

 I received a little chunk money from my Grandparents will. I plan to use this money wisely. My grandparents worked hard all their lives for this. This money is their life, blood, sweat and tears and I will not disrespect them by taking it frivolously. I put almost all of it into an account that No one can touch. It will just sit there and gain interest, hopefully making money for the future when I am old and grey.
 I took a little out and put it into another account. With that money I plan to buy a Brand New, safe, reliable, reasonable priced car. I plan to pay cash for it so I will not have any payments. I also plan to pay off any debt I may have to start myself clean, fresh and to secure my Grandparents money that is locked away.
 I locked it away for many reasons. 1st one, is so I wont get tempted to use it in hard times 'just to get me by'. 2nd, So no one can get to it by debit card fraud or any other type of fraud. 3rd, so when family, friends or spouse comes to me with a 'problem' that needs financial fixing, no matter how much they promise to pay me back. I cannot get to the money, even if I wanted to. I made sure of it.
 I found the Car I want to get. It is the 2013 Chevy Spark in Yellow. With all the Options, the sticker price is $16,720 -so I think I can get the price down if I pay cash. I took out $20,000 out just so I could buy the car and whatever is left over, I want to pay off my Credit.
 However, it seems people can smell money. Already it is starting. My husband`s computer crashes with all important info on it. He is stressing because he says he cannot afford it right now. Then this week my husband is having major tooth and jaw pain, he goes to doctor, seems he has some sort of gum disease, he is losing bone in his jaw. He had an accident many years ago that he lost a lot of his teeth from a direct blow to the mouth. He wears a partial fake teeth plate. He needs major dental work and a new bridge. He is asking me to help him pay for this procedure. I feel obligated because, he helped me with a getting a tooth pulled a year ago, that cost $250- and he did help me pay for some car repairs when I had a car.
 I feel bad for him, I want to help him and I will, but I also have to be smart about it. He makes really good money, he makes way more money than I make and he has great health insurance. I told him that all I have is $20 grand, the rest, I cannot get to. I told him that what ever money is left after I get our Car, I will help him out. I hope that will be enough. I don`t want this to become an issue and create problems for us. I heard that money can rip people apart. My intentions are good and I must respect my Grandparents money and the purpose they gave it to me. I hope he understands. I am just trying to take this one day at a time......cautiously.

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