Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lunatic Fridge: A story, about a Friend of Mine

Text from him late Friday Night Oct. 12th 2012: "Get ready for the 7 letters i have mailed and find me hanging in the noose in the garage. I am done and you cant hurt me anymore."

When I got that Text - I ran home frantic....wasn`t sure if it was real or not....but I did not want to under react in fear it could be true. When I got home I tried to open Garage, but he Locked me out. I started pounding on it yelling and screaming to let me in. I then ran upstairs to check if he was around.....but he was no where to be found.....so I called the police and ran back down to the garage to try to force it open. I was pounding on the garage, yelling, screaming, crying to let me in. The neighbors came out yelling at me because I was causing a disturbance late at night. All I could do was yell back, I didn`t want to say what my fear was, I did not want to embarrass him in case it was not true......but looking back, maybe I should have, I don`t know......but my neighbors are still mad at me and think I am a lunatic, because, I was acting like a lunatic.
 Finally he appeared, I do not know where he was, but he was okay. He let me into garage, all looked ok at that moment. I wish I looked up, I don`t know why I did not look up....but I didn`t......maybe it is for the best at that time If I had looked up, I would have seen that my fear was very close to coming true and maybe the cop might have arrested him, since suicide is illegal. When I looked in garage and thought all was okay, I was relieved but yet I was a bit mad and ashamed. I felt that I may have over reacted and now he and the neighbor hood hates me, thinks of me as a loose cannon and a rude unstable Bitch.

Facebook Message I sent out to my Neighbors Sunday Oct. 14th 2012:
 We want to apologize for the disturbance Friday night. We are deeply sorry for everything.
To explain it briefly; I was truly terrified that something Drastic happened in our garage, especially when I was locked out of garage.........I was frantic and called the cops. I was freaking out bad. Finally, when the garage was opened, I found out, fortunately, it was untrue.
That being said, it still does not justify the commotion. We both talked a lot, We do not want to be 'that couple'. We both love each other very much and need to put an end to the high dramatics, especially when it intrudes onto our friends, family and neighbors. We are very ashamed of ourselves. We want to let you all know that we love you very much, we are deeply sorry & we vow to not have that happen again.
We hope you accept our deepest apology.

A few replied back saying that they understood, all was forgiven and that everyone has a Bad Night sometimes.

Text I sent to my friend Monday Oct. 15th 2012: I went into my garage, to grab my bike to do errands and for some reason, I looked up. I guess he did make a noose, I see it hanging from pipe on ceiling.......he was gonna do it....but I made scene...called cops........either he decided not to do it or by me making a scene, it scared him out of it. I just saw noose now.....here I thought I was just over reacting......I dunno what to do now.....scared.

Text I sent to my other friend Monday Oct. 15th 2012: I`m very concerned for him....today, while grabbing my bike from garage, I looked up....he took my boogie board rope and made a noose from pipe on ceiling with zip ties and duck tape.....I cannot believe I did not see that when I called cops to force open our garage Friday night....dunno why I didn't think to look up after he threatened to hang himself in garage....here I thought I found nothing and I was an over reacting lunatic.....I have not told him I found this yet....it is still there.....looking at it, doubt it would work, rope looks to weak and close to ground, thank god....but still concerning......don't know how to bring it up.......he needs help.

Facebook Message I sent to my friend Wednesday Oct. 17th 2012: I wanted to give you an update...all seems good so far....I finally talked to him....confronted him about what I found in garage. He said he wont do anything and he tore it down. I told him that even if work gets better and I become the best wife in the world, it wont make his demons go away, those are his to own, Me or his job has no control on that....he said he will look into getting help. It is still very scary to me because it is out of my control....if it was just marital problem, I could work on it.....but this is so much bigger and I have no idea what can set him off......after all, this outburst was not from a fight about us.......he is very unhappy at work right now......I just hope it was something more of a 'Crying out for help' like a 'Crying Wolf' and not something he would really do.......but either way, I am encouraging him to seek help.

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