Saturday, October 20, 2012

my Friday night Oct. 19th 2012

on the way to Murphy`s Pub 'He' yelled at me for stopping and looking at the Halloween decorations on homes......he wasn`t in the mood to walk slow and look at things.......we got to Murphy`s, had a good time with the people there.....then walking home from Murphy`s....a guy bumped into me, then another guy yelled at me, mad l bumped into him, only because the other guy bumped me into him.....l yelled back saying sorry, didn`t mean it, l got bumped,.......then 'He' started yelling at me that l cant give him l stopped walking....'He' walked on home....l went to Jack n the Box, bought myself dinner and went home. 'He' don`t remember anything that he said to me.....thinks all okay....thinks l am just being 'weird' was my night.

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