Saturday, January 26, 2013

Please Welcome 'Baby Lemonade'!

My Car came in....Finally! After selling my car and being without a car for over a year....renting a car when needed......walking everywhere....taking cabs......I ordered this car over 4 months ago and Now it finally arrived!! A Fully Loaded Yellow 2013 Chevy Spark that I paid in Full yesterday!! I am the 1st one ....and as of now the Only person in California that has a Yellow Spark. It cost just under 19grand. I never wrote a check for that much in my life, I was a bit nervous. Now my bank account is back to a slim sum, but it is well worth it. Ain`t She Cute? I named her 'Baby Lemonade'!!|_GM+Chevy+Retention-X9223686_|_GI-RTN-Chevy-Spark-BP-SN-Exact_|_Spark+2013_|_2013%20chevy%20spark

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