Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sushi Guy & The Homeless Dog Lady

Next door to my work there is a Sushi Place. The married owner is a bit eccentric. He has his quirks. (....don`t we all? But it is my blog, so I am calling them out -ha!) He always complains about the 'snail trails' on the sidewalk. Not real snail trails, but the trails coming from leaking trash bags when anyone changes out the trash cans and carries the trash bags to the main trash bin. He uses our place to have FedEx drop off his packages, his workers drop off keys, etc....all and all not a big deal, just setting up for the main scene.
 There is this homeless woman with a small dog that comes around. She is about 47 years old. She doesn`t look that bad. She is thin, long brown straight hair with bangs. She s a bit 'sketchy', talks a bit to much, sometimes doesn`t make a lot a sense, always full of drama and telling people everything about her.....almost trying a bit to hard to have people like her but in a passive aggressive way.
 One day I had a big Fluff and Fold order to get out of dryer, start folding and get ready for my customer before closing. The homeless lady had her stuff on the special table we use. I kindly told her that I will be needing that table soon, if she could please to another open table....she was a bit puzzled, but she moved to another table. It came time for me to remove the clothes from dryer, all the carts were being used, so I just had to carry the clothes by hand and put on the table. I noticed she had put a few things on the table and just went into the bathroom to freshen up. My hands were full, so I threw my customer`s clothes on the table and moved her few items to the side, so they wouldn`t mix with my order. By then she came out of the restroom, saw her stuff moved and flew into a yelling, cussing, rage. Calling me rude and that she was going to talk to my boss to get me fired. I tried to explain but she wasn`t hearing it. Whatever, I continued to fold my customer`s order and she left. Well, I thought she left.
 The homeless lady actually went next door. Seems the owner there took a liking to her and invited her there for some dinner and a few beers. When she came out of the Sushi place, she was a bit drunk, saw my boss and proceeded to tell him that I was rude to her and I needed to be fired. Thankfully my boss is a wise man. He smelled beer on her breath and noticed how irrational she was being and told her 'sorry, but I have a hard time believing that'. She was pissed and got into the passenger side of the married Sushi owners car!
 There for awhile we would see The Homeless Lady and the Married Sushi owner together. She would either be in the passenger side of his car, he would carry in her laundry for her, pick her up when she was done and at times we even saw her driving his BMW!

 One day I had to take out the trash, so I went to unlock the door that all the buildings in our complex of businesses use to take the trash to the main dumpster. I opened the door and was surprised to see our Homeless Lady head on the ground, I almost hit her with the door as I opened it. She was in a sleeping bag inside the little hallway to the Dumpster! The only way she could get in there, would be if she had a key from one of buildings, like the Sushi Building. I just left the trash outside the door and went back to work. I reported it to my boss, who was not happy. I found out from some of the other girls that work here that the same thing happened to them. They were uncomfortable about it and called the police. The homeless lady told the police that the Owner of the sushi place gave her a key, that it was his private property (which is a lie) and it was okay. The police believed her, that it was the Sushi Owner`s private property, left and didn`t do anything about it.
 The homeless lady didn`t know it was the girls that worked here that called the police. She thinks it was one of the other business people. She came in to do her laundry and was complaining on how the police were harassing her. As she was doing her laundry, she was talking about her and The Sushi Owner. She said one day she was sleeping on the street and recognized him, they went to High School together. At first, she was to embarrassed to say anything, but after a few times of running into him, she decided to come up to him and say hi. I guess he was pleasantly surprised to see her. Since then, he has taken her on his boat, gives her food & drink at his Sushi place, drives her here and there, lets her drive his car, he even let her sleep in his work van......until his van got infested with bed bugs and he lets her sleep in our locked hallway to the dumpster!(.....what a Knight in Shiny Armor....swoon!) She says that him and his wife do not sleep in the same bed anymore and that she is in love with him!
 She still comes around, doing her laundry, getting cleaned up in our bathroom, talking to all our customers about stuff.......most of the customers enjoy talking to her......she will spend pretty much all day here....until the Sushi owner comes to pick her up. She now says hi to me, she makes a point of saying something to me and trying to be nice. So far no problems, but she has that personality that you know that she can snap at anytime, so I am usually casually on-guard.

 She is in here right now, doing a ton of laundry, she has been here for most of the day. She is making friends, talking to everyone like it is a social club. She is saying she is in love with another man. She is dancing around, singing to the music on the radio. She apologizes, she says she had a beer....but protest she did not drink it here. She says she knows that Fred my boss wouldn`t like it. Then she laughs and says, 'you know I once had a vibrator named Fred'! She is showing me a bunch of cute clothes that she says she bought for a quarter each. She tells me the name of the store, but I will never go, it would be to dangerous for me.....I can barely get out of the 99c store without spending $200- as it is! 

Stay tuned....I know there will be more to add to this gotta love small towns!  

P.S. Forgot to mention, The Homeless Lady has a Little cute Dog that she had for 2years.....The dog is homeless with her. In private, she yells at the dog - In public, she uses the Dog for attention.  

UPDATE: Jan. 31st 2013

know she has been homeless for over 2yrs at least.....she complains that her mother don`t help her. She seems able enuff for some sort of job. Besides, if he really cared for her, he would set her up in a shelter or program....instead of allowing her to sleep in his trash. Oh and no worries....she shares her story all the time. It is always some one else`s fault....never hers. I guess I should have added that in my note. So much to tell...and everyday, there is more. Oh and BTW: He is he is cheating on his wife.
 They are both here right now, arguing, making up, kissing....going into bathroom out of bathroom......she just made a big mess everywhere....I have to clean up....clogged sink.....paper towels everywhere.....our coin cups missing......oh and she is telling everyone she has scabies!

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