Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Laundromat Therapist: Pepper Spray

A guy comes into my work - having fight on phone with his girlfriend....Loudly.....tells her over and over that he swears that he did not cheat on her and why did she have to pepper spray him - he has a clothing bag with him - he goes to change his clothes - comes out and washes the clothes he was wearing - then goes to sink to wash his face - he asks me if his face is red - I tell him he looks ok - he proceeds to tell me about how his chick is drunk and when she drinks, she always thinks he is cheating - and this time she peppered sprayed him!! She kept calling his cell and they would fight loudly - finally he went outside to finish yelling - when his laundry was done - he changed his clothes - tried to get advice from me - asked me 'what do women want?' I told him the same as guys. Maybe she has trust issues from guys in the past. He says that his girl always thinks he is cheating on her, especially when she has been drinking - he says he has not cheated on her.......YET - I tell him, you cannot change people, it is up to you if you think it is worth sticking around and dealing with it - After talking to him and watching how he dealt with this all, I think he loves the drama and they Both deserve each other. - I wished him luck and he left - LOL - Gotta love my Job!!
BTW: Ya, I work Part time as a Manager at the Local Laundromat/Cleaners - it has it perks and characters!!

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